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Holla, my name's Hasnain, I'm just an ordinary Paki teenage boii, who enjoys every moment of life. I love fashion, music, shopping, LANA DEL REY, food, my friends and many more. If you want to know something, just FEEL FREE TO ASK .. Yes i believe in "What goes around, comes back around." kik= hasnain95
twitter= @simplelover4
love you xoxox !!

it’s time to disappear 

#sadness is when you disappoint your own mom ! fml

Always happens


Superhero Workout #1

Everyone has their own panache of sleeping but this cutie just looks too cute in there! #JustWokeUp #PERFECT #MORNING #FAVOURITE #BROTHER #RAYYAN #BLESS #LIFEisBeautiful

I am a cunt !

5. June 2014

I am seriously a cunt for blocking you god but you’ll seriously understand and I promise I’ll be back ! Promise